Luna记 | 非常开心地拿奖啦

December 11, 2020 字数 1166 3 min

0. 前言




  1. Make Magic - 让不可能的变为可能(跟创新相关)
  2. Power Up the Circle - 团队协作
  3. Enchant the Client - 为客户提供价值
  4. Be a Wizard - (巫师奖)精通业务,不断进取


1. 团队协作奖


  • Resonator who energized the team in the last year(为团队赋能的人)。


  1. Energize the team - give more than you take(给团队赋能,付出多于索取);
  2. Understand multiple effect of great team work(理解团队协作的重要性);
  3. Pay it forward(先付出努力);
  4. A circle is not a pyramid(团队协作是循环的);


  1. Luna is always smiling and willing to contribute to our games and parties (Luna 一直保持微笑,愿意为我们的游戏和派对做出贡献);
  2. Luna has a constant aura of excitement which she rubs off on the people around. She is always ready to lead a charge. (Luna 的能量感染着身边的人,她随时可以开始负责一项任务);
  3. With games, tech sessions, blogs and lots of other things she is always keeping the team engaged and is an inspiration to all(Luna 通过游戏、技术分享、博客和很多其他的事情让团队成员保持参与度,并且激励着所有人。)

2. 巫师奖


  • Resonator who is an overall exceptional Wizard(整体而言表现最突出的巫师)。


  1. Master your craft(精通你的业务);
  2. Be hungry to get better at what you do each day(保持学习精神,让自己把每天的事情做的更好);
  3. Keep practicing it’s okay to break the wand(不断练习,就算魔杖断了也没事);


  1. By being able to come from a different background and still be able to create the same magic that others with experience did. (虽然背景不同,但是依旧可以和那些有经验的人一样创造魔法);
  2. Luna’s motivation and execution both are magical especially when these two facets work together. She has continuously pushed the bar higher for herself and the team and helped deliver some magic making outcomes. She has been hungry to continuously improve and has put in so much effort to be a wizard. (Luna 拥有动力和执行力这两个魔法,它们加在一起更有魔力。她一直在提高自己和团队的标准,并且帮助实现了一些神奇的成果。她渴望不断地进步,并付出了巨大的努力成为一名巫师)。
  3. She always works hard and accomplishes her tasks as soon as she can. She is always ready to learn new things and is great at documenting whatever she discovers. (Luna 总是努力工作并且尽快完成她的工作,她总是准备好了学习新的东西,并且擅长把她发现的东西写成文档)。

3. 结语


  1. 我会有奖;
  2. 我会有两个奖;

公司大约 30 人,同事来自世界各地,而且每个人都有很强的能力,能够独当一面。

很感激给我投票的同事们,在颁奖之后,有人说:You deserve it;有人说:You are the Resonate SuperStar! 有人说:We are so lucky to have you here…



真的很开心能在公司里面学到技术、管理、团队协作、澳洲文化等各种各样的知识和技能,希望公司能越来越好,我们的技术和管理流程也在升级更新,加入了很多有潜力的新人,期待 2021~

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